ICAT 3D Cone Beam Scan

Single Tooth Implant at Dr. Smile dentisrty

Cone Beam scanners produce high-quality visuals of the facial muscles and use much less radiation than medical-grade CT machines. Visuals are superior, making procedures and treatment recommendations more accurate.

iTero Scanner

Scanner at Dr. Smile Dentistry for the Good Treatment

This scanner captures digital images of the tooth structure using the most advanced technology available. The scanner is shaped like a wand and handheld, allowing continuous scanning and optimal treatment.

3 Shape Scanner

Dental Instrument of Dr. Smile Dentistry

The 3 Shape scanner provides dentists with a digital impression of your teeth, making it simple to design replacement teeth and correct oral health issues.

DEXIS Digital Sensor

Accessories kit of Sensor Instrument

The DEXIS sensor is designed to be comfortable for all patients and produce images of excellent quality. It has smooth corners and adds a degree of comfort to the dental experience.

Nomad Handheld X-Ray Machine

Dental treatment Equipment

The Nomad uses the latest digital x-ray technology to present dental professionals with high-quality images while protecting individuals from radiation.

CariVu Radiation Free Cavity Detection

CariVu Radiation Free Cavity Detection

CariVu is a revolutionary way to detect cavities without radiation exposure. It can safely be used with children as well as pregnant women who are concerned about their oral health and the health of their child.

Waterlase Laser

Tools and Equipment Of Dentistry

Waterlase laser technology uses a focused light along with a constant stream of water to make the dental experience more gentle. It improves healing time, reduces the need for anesthetic, treats issues in several parts of the mouth at once, and makes the dental experience more relaxing.

Diode Laser

Dental Instrument of Dr. Smile Dentistry

Diode lasers have become more prevalent in dentistry due to their size and affordability. They are used on the soft tissues of the mouth, allowing dentists to perform procedures with precision, such as a gingivectomy, and correct oral health issues.

HD Intraoral Camera

During the Dental Treatment Doctor shows that on the monitor

An intraoral camera is used to capture images of the mouth in areas that are difficult to reach. They fit inside the mouth easily and comfortably, producing clean and precise images of the inside of the mouth that patients can see during their appointment.


Microscope for Dental Treatment

A microscope is an important tool in modern dentistry. A microscope enlarges the view of the mouth, showing dental experts any areas that need treatment or intervention from a medical professional. Microscopes have gotten more advanced in the last decade.

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