Pediatric Airway Treatment

Pediatric Airway Treatment In El Segundo, CA

If you’ve been searching for pediatric dentistry near Inglewood CA that can provide pediatric airway treatment in El Segundo, CA, you can stop your search! As one of the leading multi-specialty dental practices in El Segundo, our pediatric dentist has received the advanced training required to provide primary and specialty oral care to infants and children through to adolescence, including pediatric airway treatment.

Most Common Pediatric Airway Disorders

As cute as it might be to hear your child snore while they sleep, snoring at night is not normal for kids. Neither is grinding their teeth at night. Instead, they could be signs of upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), which could lead to long-term ADHD, depression, and congenital defects such as tracheal stenosis, vocal cord paralysis, and more.

To understand the mechanics of pediatric airway disorders first requires a basic understanding of your child’s airway structure which can be categorized into four segments:

  • The bronchi and lung passage segment
  • The pharynx and back of mouth and nose segment
  • The larynx and voice box segment
  • The windpipe and trachea segment

Reasons for Pediatric Airway Obstruction

Our pediatric dentist will need to perform a thorough examination of your child’s mouth and airway before a diagnosis can be provided, but a few of the most common reasons for pediatric airway obstruction include allergic reactions, infection in the epiglottis, inhalation of toxic materials, obstruction from a foreign body such as a button or small toy being swallowed, and an impact injury to the area.

Specialty Care from a Pediatric Dentist

Our dentist near Inglewood , CA for kids has received the advanced training needed to not only diagnose your child’s pediatric airway disorder but to provide the management and treatment required to help your child overcome any obstacles presented by the disorder.

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