Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards In El Segundo, CA

A high-quality dental mouth guard is essential to keeping your teeth safe and healthy. This is especially true when you participate in sports or when bruxism occurs, which is when patients grind their teeth while sleeping. The dental team at Dr. Smile can provide patients with mouth guards for teeth grinding near El Segundo, CA, with quality mouth guards that are made of professional-grade materials. The guards are used to keep teeth from coming together in a way that could harm the enamel and cause chips and cracks.

Types of Mouth Guards

We can offer patients several kinds of mouth guards depending on what they’re needed for. Below are three types of mouth guards and how they’re used.

Night Guards

A night guard is worn while sleeping and should allow your teeth to come together comfortably during the night. Many patients suffer from chronic jaw problems along with other dental problems that could result in jaw clenching during sleep. The teeth could also begin to grind together, and which can be very dangerous and result in the enamel becoming worn down or teeth breaking from the pressure your jaw puts on teeth. Nightguards keep teeth from contacting one another during sleep, keeping them safe.

Sports Guards

If you play sports of any kind, then a mouthguard is necessary. Sports mouth guards keep the teeth from coming together in a harmful way when an impact occurs, which can happen when playing sports like basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, and more. If you play sports, you need a sturdy barrier between the upper and the lower teeth in the mouth to protect your teeth from breaking or getting knocked out.

Snore Guards

Is your loud snoring or the snoring of a loved one getting to you? You may benefit from a snore guard, which is designed to reduce snoring in the middle by keeping the tongue from blocking the airways. This may be a sign of sleep apnea, which can be dangerous and result in several health problems. Speak with your dental professional if you notice excessive snoring.

Visit our dentist near you and speak with a professional dentist at Dr. Smile for more information on mouth guards for your teeth.

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