Gum Lift

Gum Lift in El Segundo, CA

If you see your smile and think that your gums show too much, you may qualify for a gum lift. Patients that believe their teeth don’t look like they’re long enough may also be eligible. Dental experts at Dr. Smile can provide gum lifts for patients, a cosmetic procedure that reshapes the gums and makes them look more like you want them to. Let’s take a look at some information about getting a gum lift from your dentist in El Segundo, CA.

How Recontouring the Gums Enhances Smiles

Our experienced dentists can use dental laser technology to reshape the tissues of the gums, giving you a dazzling smile. May patients that want gum lifts are unhappy with several things about their smile, including:

  • Teeth look too short
  • Excessive or bulging gums around teeth
  • Gumline unevenness
  • Smiling shows too much gum tissue

A beautiful smile typically has an even gum line and a balanced ration of gums to teeth. Asymmetry is a common issue, which involves one or several teeth with a lower gum line than the others. Any distractions that the gums cause to your smile can be remedied by getting a gum lift procedure performed at your local dental office. If the gums cover the teeth, then your dentist may be able to remove the excess gum tissue and let your teeth shine the way they’re meant to.

Minimally Invasive Laser Procedure

A gum lift is simple, and the results can be seen instantly. Your dentist will use laser technology to ensure the safety and precision of your gum lift while keeping invasiveness to a minimum. This results in less painful treatment that is more effective than past treatment methods. The innovative technology involved in gum lift procedure is used to reshape the tissues of the gums effectively, giving patients smiles they love.

If you’re near El Segundo and have concerns about the appearance of your smile, then speak with a professional at Dr. Smile dental office to learn more about how we can help give you a beautiful smile that you’re confident with.

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