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How a Dental Extraction Can Save Your Smile

If you’ve been experiencing a toothache that’s been getting worse with time, there’s a good chance that you’re in pain. And while the thought of an emergency tooth extraction procedure may sound like a pain to some reading this, the good news is that with the gentle dentistry practices at Dr. Smile, tooth extraction care can actually eliminate your pain!

Wondering Why a Tooth Might Need to Be Extracted?

Although every patient’s reason for dental extraction in El Segundo will be different, the most common reasons are shown below.

  • An extraction may be necessary when a tooth has been damaged from injury or trauma and cannot be repaired back to functionality by using restorative dentistry in El Segundo.
  • An extraction may be necessary when a cavity has become so large that it cannot be filled with enough dental material to restore the strength of the tooth fully.
  • An extraction may be necessary when a patient’s periodontal disease has become so advanced that the bone supporting the tooth has become too weak to continue to hold it in place.
  • An extraction may be necessary when teeth are overcrowded, and room needs to be made for orthodontic treatment, dental implant treatment, or denture treatment.

And in the special case of a wisdom tooth extraction, Dr. Smile may recommend surgical tooth extraction in El Segundo if the wisdom tooth/wisdom teeth have become impacted or infected.

The Simple Truth About Simple Dental Extractions

Most dental extractions can fall into one of two categories– a simple tooth extraction or a surgical extraction procedure. Each type will depend on the reason for the extraction, such as those mentioned above, but you’ll know well in advance of your procedure which one Dr. Smile will be performing. The good news about most simple dental extractions is that the average recovery period for extraction is usually no more than about 48 hours. As you can imagine, surgical tooth extraction is a more invasive procedure, so that the recovery period may be a little longer. Patients can rest assured that they’ll be provided with post-procedure instructions for at-home care by Dr. Smile before they leave their appointment.

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If you have questions about your tooth extraction procedure in El Segundo, please call the dental care team or visit our dentist near you at Dr. Smile today to schedule a consultation appointment – or make an appointment using our convenient online tool!

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