Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns In El Segundo, CA

If your tooth has been damaged or undergone a dental crown procedure that left its structure weak and unstable, Dr. Smile dentists near Inglewood, CA, can restore them using dental crowns. Our clinic has several different services available to make sure teeth are strong and healthy, enabling us to provide the best care possible. Tooth Crowns are just one way we keep teeth looking beautiful and functioning efficiently. They can cover the root surface of teeth or simply the top part of teeth, effectively replacing the crown of the tooth.

When do Do Dentists recommend a Crown?

A dental crown is recommended by dentists when the natural structure of the tooth has been compromised. To protect the teeth from further damage, a crown is applied to the tooth. Crowns prevent damage from occurring to the tooth after it has been weakened due to dental procedures, accidents, or injuries. If you’re concerned about the appearance of teeth, Dr. Smile professionals may recommend crowns to correct issues like discoloration, gaps between teeth, and uneven spacing.

How Does A Crown Work?

Crowns are used to cover up the part of the tooth that is exposed in the mouth. It sits on top of your natural tooth, protecting it after it has been damaged due to trauma or decay. A dental crown is cemented onto the tooth, allowing it to function just like your real teeth. You can eat and drink comfortably without worrying about removable appliances or invasive procedures.

Crowns are a very effective method that dentists use to repair teeth and keep them protected from additional damage that may occur while speaking, chewing, or doing other activities throughout the day. They don’t move or shift out of place, giving you the confidence to enjoy life to the fullest and smile as wide as possible.

You can find professionals that specialize in dental care, such as applying a crown to teeth, at Dr. Smile. El Segundo dental experts have the skills along with the technology needed to craft a custom crown that fits perfectly onto your teeth. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our clinic and sit down with a dentist near you, contact us by phone or come in for a visit.

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