Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in El Segundo, CA

Dental Bridges Can Easily Improve Your Smile

If you have a missing tooth and the gap it created has started to cause your surrounding teeth to shift out of place, it might be time to consider a dental bridge in El Segundo from SAMPLE DENTISTRTY as a low-maintenance way to improve your oral health.

Here’s some information to help you understand why it’s better to fill a gap than to live with it – even if no one can see it but you!

Your Body’s Way of Fixing Your Smile

When you have a gap in your mouth that was caused by a lost or extracted tooth, your remaining teeth will shift in an attempt to lessen that gap. It’s evolutionary, and there’s no way you can stop it without dental intervention. The reason closing the gap is important is because food can become trapped in the gap and result in decay, infection, and periodontal disease. There are two options that patients can choose from to prevent these secondary concerns from arising – a dental implant or a dental bridge. The reason dental bridges are often chosen over dental implants is that the process of the procedure is easy, quick, and pain-free.

The Mechanics of a Dental Bridge from Dr. Smile

As the name of the procedure implies, a dental bridge functions as a type of ‘bridge’ that spans any gaps in your mouth caused by lost teeth. It is made up of several components such as an artificial tooth and dental crowns.

The Benefits of a Dental Bridge

We’ve already mentioned that the procedure is low-maintenance, pain-free, and relative quick when compared to a multi-month treatment plan for a dental implant. But in addition to those benefits, a dental bridge will help with improved chewing, improved speech, and the prevention of jawbone deterioration – something that is critically important to your general health as well as to your face shape as you age.

Looking for a Dentist Near You in El Segundo to Make Your New Dental Home?

The caring and professional staff at Dr. Smile are committed to providing exemplary oral care to every patient in El Segundo. If you have a moment now, we invite you to read the reviews that many of our patients have left. If it’s time to replace that missing tooth in your mouth, an appointment is just a few keystrokes away!

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