Inside Cerec Technology

Inside Cerec Technology

May 29, 2018

Perhaps nothing displays self-confidence more than a bright, beaming smile. Yet if you are like the 16 percent of American adults that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports suffer from having a damaged or missing tooth, then your reluctance to share your smile with the world is understandable. Fortunately, advances made in dental science in recent years now allow your local cosmetic dentist near Inglewood CA to repair structural issues with your teeth in just a single visit.

In the past, restorative dental work meant weeks of preparation for invasive procedures, followed by months of recuperation. Dr. Javid, Acone, Perea, Kohan, and our dental care providers understand most simply don’t have the time to commit to such a process. However, computer-aided mapping technology now allows for permanent, durable crowns to be measured, manufactured, and fitted while you wait, effectively giving you a brand new smile.

How Does it All Work?

How is this possible? It is all due to Chairside Economical Restoration or Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) same-day dentistry. It combines advanced milling technology with computer imaging to produce customized crowns in a mere matter of minutes. Here is how the process works:

The treatment site (either your damaged tooth or an area where you may be missing one altogether) is photographed.

Those images are uploaded into a computer mapping software program, which then utilizes 3D imaging technology to create the shape of your crown based on comparisons with your surrounding teeth.

The crown design is then sent to a milling machine, which uses diamond head cutters to create the actual crown out of a small ceramic block.

The new crown is then put into place and secured with specialized resin.
Once the crown is in place, you care for it just as you would a normal tooth.

It has been far too long since you have had the courage to flash a toothy grin. Those days can quickly come to an end thanks to the expertise of Drs. Deering, Belton, Feldman, and the rest of our team here at Dr. Smile. Their experience in placing CEREC same-day crowns can have you walking out of our clinic with your confidence fully renewed in just one day. To learn more about this exciting procedure, please give us a call today.

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