Everything You Should Know About Signature Crown

Everything You Should Know About Signature Crown

Feb 01, 2022

Dental crowns have played an incredible role in restorative dentistry for many years, giving thousands of patients beautiful smiles. If you have some dental flaws that make you want to hide your smile, you may also want to join the many patients who benefit from dental crowns for repairing and restoring smiles.

Since there are many alternatives for dental crowns for adults, it is time that people learn more about dental crowns for children. They are types of dental crowns used in pediatric dentistry to repair and restore primary teeth. Ideally, they provide kids with a solution to preserve their baby teeth for the period before their permanent teeth begin to erupt, preventing premature tooth loss.

What Are Nusmile® Signature Crowns?

Signature crowns in El Segundo are types of dental crowns made of Stainless steel crowns, then coated with a white surface. They are pre-veneered dental crowns because they employ a similar approach to dental veneers. The steel material is coated with white shell-like material on the front surface. These crowns have been used severally over the years to preserve kids’ baby teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Signature Crowns?

  1. They have aesthetic value – the stainless steel material will not be visible when a child smiles. The pre-veneered crown has aesthetic benefits to a smile, creating a natural-looking appearance.
  2. They are widely covered by many insurers – including Medicaid.
  3. They are sturdy – the stainless steel in use will not easily wear off or break down when chewing hard foods.

What Are NuSmile ZR Zirconia Crowns?

NuSmile ZR crowns feature a bioceramic material called zirconia that provides unmatched aesthetic advantages for children’s smiles.

Advantages of NuSmile ZR Zirconia Crowns

  1. They are natural-looking – you will hardly tell the difference between natural teeth and the crowned ones. The zirconia material is translucent, replicating the color of natural teeth to your satisfaction.
  2. They are strong – if a dentist near you recommends getting zirconia crowns, take it up because of their strength. Many kids can have their dental crowns in place for a long time until the permanent teeth are ready to erupt.
  3. They are stain-resistant – for kids who are not as intentional at keeping up with proper oral hygiene as they should be, zirconia crowns will prove helpful because they do not stain easily.
  4. They hardly wear down, crack, chip or break – you can trust the material to remain intact for the required period before permanent teeth begin to grow. It means that your child will not need multiple procedures to replace or repair damaged dental crowns.
  5. They are bio-compatible – zirconia material is nothing like stainless steel, which contains some amounts of nickel that may cause allergic reactions. Once your child gets zirconia dental crowns at Dr. Smile in El Segundo, you won’t have to worry about coming back to our dental offices with complaints about allergic reactions to the oral crowns.

Do Children Really Need Dental Crowns?

At face value, you may not appreciate the role of dental crowns for pediatric dental health. It does not seem like children would need to preserve their natural teeth until they are older, but that is not the entire truth. Kids can benefit from dental crowns for the following reasons:

  1. To preserve their baby teeth – after getting cavities, the obvious resolve should not be to remove the diseased tooth. The preservation of baby teeth prevents premature tooth loss, which would lead to many dental problems like the improper spacing of teeth in the mouth.
  2. To protect permanent teeth – the first adult teeth in a child’s mouth also need protection from cavities, infections, and premature tooth loss.
  3. To promote optimal functionality of the mouth – having all teeth intact allows kids to chew food properly.
  4. To manage dental traumas and injuries – kids are more likely to be involved in dental-related injuries at a young age than when they get older. Dental crowns repair and restore enamel damages like chips, cracks, and breaks of natural teeth.
  5. To overcome dental decay – although dental decay is a serious problem in dentistry, it is treatable by getting dental crowns. Children need dental crowns more during the cavity-prone ages, between 6 and 14 years.
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