Thinking of Getting Signature Crowns to Reinvent Your Smile? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

Thinking of Getting Signature Crowns to Reinvent Your Smile? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

Aug 02, 2021

Are certain dental flaws sucking the joy from your smile? If they are, you can kiss those days goodbye since our dentist in El Segundo has excellent solutions that can reinvent your smile. One of the sought-after restorative treatments available is the signature crown.

For decades, dental crowns have been used to repair severely damaged teeth. They have been made from different materials such as porcelain, stainless steel, and even zirconia. Now, we have signature crowns that are aesthetically pleasing, economical, and durable.

It’s All About Covering Flawed Teeth

Dental crowns are an innovative restorative treatment. They are designed to cover or cap damaged teeth. Picture a crown as a tooth-shaped cap that is bonded onto a broken, weakened, or decayed tooth.

They are referred to as dental crowns since these dental prosthetics replace the entire tooth crown that is damaged or decayed. In other words, they entirely cover up the tooth right above the gum line level.

Do You Need a Signature Crown?

Signature crowns are versatile. The uses of signature crowns may include:

  • Concealing a misshaped tooth
  • Covering a tooth implant
  • Salvaging a cracked or fractured tooth
  • Encasing severely stained teeth that cannot be whitened using traditional whitening methods
  • Fortifying decayed teeth
  • Strengthening a tooth after root canal therapy
  • Reinforcing a tooth that’s had a chunky filling
  • Aligning your bite
  • Fortifying a weak tooth
  • Cosmetic procedures

What to Look for In a Crown?

Crowns are fashioned from different materials, and it can be confusing to get the one that suits your needs. A crown is meant to restore the look and function of your tooth. Therefore, to get the appropriate crown for you, will consider the following:

  • The position of your gum tissue
  • Your preference
  • The shade and color of your teeth
  • Your biocompatibility with the material
  • Your tooth’s location and function
  • The cost of the crown
  • After our dentist in El Segundo has ensured that the above boxes have been ticked, you can proceed to get your crown.

What Does Getting a Signature Crown Entail?

In most cases, getting a dental crown will need two dental visits. However, the process is worth the wait. Here is how it is carried out:

  • First, our dentist will commence the procedure by preparing your teeth. This means that the hard outer part of your tooth, the enamel, will be chiseled out to create room for your new crown. If there is tooth decay, will remove the decayed part. Our dentist will build up your tooth’s core if your tooth doesn’t have enough structure to support the signature crown.
  • Then, a digital scan will be used to take dental impression aid in fabricating a replica of your tooth.
  • You might receive a temporary crown that will cover your tooth while your permanent crown is being fabricated. You can expect some tooth sensitivity when you have the temporary crown. Also, avoid chewing gum while you have the temporary crown.
  • Once your crown is ready, our dentist will inform you.
  • Our dentist will remove the temporary crown and bond your permanent crown in place when you come to our office. If you are happy with your crown, our dentist near you will cement it into place.

How Do You Care for Your Signature Crown?

Remember, your crowns are no different from your natural teeth. Therefore, you need to care for them the same way as you do your natural teeth. Also, you need to know that your tooth that is under the crown can get dental care. Therefore you need to:

  • Brush and floss each day to keep your teeth healthy. Your crown could be an artificial tooth, but underneath it is your natural tooth that needs care. Remember to brush along the gum line to ensure that you remove plaque.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods such as hard candy, ice, gummy bears, etc., since they can easily damage your crowns.
  • Use a nightguard if you grind your teeth when you are resting at night to prevent your crown from breaking
  • See our dentist for checkups after every three or six months for cleaning and examinations

You can contact our dentist in El Segundo at Dr. Smile if you need a signature crown.

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