Oct 01, 2021

Of course, parents can not always be there with their children all the time. However, there are various ways to protect your child from falling into the danger zone. When it comes to dental health, some parents are less informed or not aware of these things that are needed to be done to save their child’s teeth from damages. As delicate as a child’s body is, so is their dental structure. Some dental damage that occurs at a child’s early stage can cause future issues. So, it is important to prevent that from happening. How do you prevent such dental accidents from happening? First of all, you have to see a pediatric dentist for guidelines on how your child’s dental health can be protected and kept healthy. You can see a  ​pediatric dentist in El Segundo.

A cracked tooth is a dental injury that occurs mostly through accidental events or a heavy blow on the dental structure. Most times, after these accidental happenings have affected the teeth, the person might suffer from a chipped, broken, or cracked tooth. When this happens, the tooth or teeth breaks into pieces or is chipped into half thereby having half tooth inside the gum while the other half is being knocked off.

A cracked tooth can disfigure the dental structure and cause dental malfunctions. You don’t want your child living their life with low self-esteem due to dental trauma. As a parent, you can protect your child from going through such difficulties and also educate your child on dental health tips that they can follow to maintain good dental health.

During teeth growth, children first erupt their baby teeth before the permanent teeth erupt. At that stage, you need to be very attentive as a parent and help them through these dental milestones. Once a child grows his or her permanent teeth, they need to understand that any sort of damage to the teeth could endanger their natural teeth. Permanent natural teeth don’t grow back once it is removed.

You can also take your children to a dentist for preventive dental care. In preventive dentistry, various dental procedures are used to prevent dental damages that could occur in the future.

Note that preventive dental care is not for children alone. As long as you have permanent teeth, you are also at risk of teeth loss, teeth infections, and other dental damages if you do not take proper care of your teeth.

How Do I Prevent My Child’s Tooth From Getting Cracked?

There are different ways in which you can protect your child’s dental structure from getting cracked or chipped.

  • Teach your children not to chew on hard substances. Sometimes children can have weird cravings and interest in hard foods. However, it is your duty as a parent to correct their wrong orientation about these things. Keep hard foods from their reach. Do not allow them to chew on ice, hard candies, and chicken or meat bones. You should observe what they eat and train them to eat healthy cause you won’t always be there to watch them all the time.
  • Do not allow your children to use their teeth as a cutting or breaking tool. If they need to rip a candy wrapper, get scissors and help them cut it with the scissors. Also, teach them how to cut things with scissors and not their teeth. Remind them that their teeth are not a tool
  • Get mouth guards that would help protect their teeth during sports activities. During sports activities like soccer, basketball, and other sports activities,  accidents could occur and sometimes they are unpreventable. However, if your body and teeth are guarded against these unforeseen events, you stand a lower chance of getting affected severely. You can see your pediatric dentist for mouth guards that suit your child’s dental structure best. Getting loosed or unfitted mouth guards for your children won’t be as effective as a suitable one.
  • Watch your children and observe if they have teeth grinding habits. Teeth grinding,  also known as bruxism, can start as a habit. Chronic teeth grinding can lead to serious dental issues. Visit your dentist as soon as you spot your children grinding their teeth.
  • Always take your child for regular dental checkups. Dental checkups can never go wrong in helping us maintain good dental health. During dental exams and checkups, dentists can observe unknown dental conditions that are waiting to reveal themselves later. Most dental issues are best treated when they are detected early.

In conclusion, all these guidelines are important. However, if your child happens to get a cracked tooth, do not panic. Visit the emergency dentist near you immediately. Various restorative dental procedures are available for dental treatment. Getting quick dental treatment can save your child’s tooth and promote quick recovery. So, instead of panicking, you should see an emergency dentist near you if your child experiences a cracked tooth or teeth.

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