How All-On-4-Dental Implants Are the Right Option for You?

How All-On-4-Dental Implants Are the Right Option for You?

Sep 03, 2021

If you are in an unfortunate situation whereby you’ve lost all or several teeth, you’ve got several options for replacement. Dental implants are often considered the best option, but they can get quite expensive if you have to replace an entire mouth. Luckily, there is a new technique a dentist in El Segundo can provide known as all-on-4-implants.

This revolutionary technique allows the dentist to replace several teeth in the same row without spending a lot of money. This option uses fewer dental implants than the traditional approach, but it still restores your bite and smile.

Benefits of All-Of-4-Implants

Recently, the all-on-4-dental implants procedure has become quite popular, and it is because of the many benefits that come with it. These benefits include:

Offers Maximum Strength

This approach offers a stable replacement for missing teeth that you can’t find in its alternatives, such as dentures and even bridges. The implant is usually inserted at a 30 to 45-degree angle, lessening the need for augmentation of bone.

Keeping this in mind, it means that even patients with low bone density can use all-on-4-implants. However, it is important to talk to a dentist near you to confirm if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

A Few Implants Per Jaw

Typically, if you are missing all teeth, you will need to use at least eight implants per jaw to restore your smile and bite. But with this approach, you can use as few as four dental implants per jaw. However, you may need to use up to six for the upper jaw in some cases.

They Can Be Inserted in a Day

Typically, it takes between three and 12 months to place a fully functional dental implant. But with the all-on-4 approach, the procedure is much faster as the placement can be done within one visit. However, it is essential to note that you won’t start using the replacements normally just after leaving the clinic. You will still need some time to recover. We are here for you if you are looking for all-on-4-dental implants in El Segundo.


Like traditional implants, they look and feel pretty much like your teeth. Unlike dentures, you won’t need to remove your replacement every night. In fact, they are so comfortable you will forget you are using a replacement. Just make sure not to use them unnecessarily, crushing ice, opening bottle tops, or biting nails.


Like traditional implants, this is a permanent solution too. Once they are placed on your jaws, you can be sure that they will be like your natural teeth. They are beautiful, sturdy and you can expect them to last up to 20 years. With them, you can laugh, bite, eat, sneeze, kiss, sing, and they will not move an inch.


Unlike dentures, implants are permanently fixed on your jaws.  This means no one will ever catch you off guard without them because they will always be in your mouth.

Easy to Maintain

You will not need to do anything special to maintain your replacements; no special cleaning agents or frequent visits to the dentist. You will only need to clean them the way you would do your natural teeth and visit the dentist every six months. What’s more, implants are not affected by cavities, so you can expect them to last for the longest time. Typically, you can expect them to last for 15+ years.


Compared to traditional implants, this approach costs much lesser money. For a full-mouth restoration, you could use as few as eight implants. But with the traditional approach, the least number you can use is 16 implants. This means you cut the cost of six or more implants with the newer approach.

The Cost of All-On-4-Implants

Typically, the cost of treatment is determined by several factors such as the experience of the dentist, number of implants used, the material of the implant, and location of the clinic. However, you can expect the cost per jaw in the US to be between $12000 and $24,000. Book an appointment with the dentist near you to get the exact cost.

Dr. Smile

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