Considering Teeth Whitening? Leave it to the Pros

Considering Teeth Whitening? Leave it to the Pros

May 29, 2018

We all want brighter smiles and beautiful teeth, but there are no shortcuts. Getting that healthy appearance you are after starts with proper oral hygiene, but sometimes age and stains still leave your mouth looking older and less attractive. Doctor Hossein Javid uses a full range of cosmetic dentistry techniques bring out your best smile without damaging your gums or enamel.

Over the Counter Teeth Whiteners

There is a multitude of products commonly available to consumers. Pastes, gels, and scrubs promise to lighten the shade of your teeth with consistent use. Bleaching chemicals are known to work efficiently within certain limits, but there is a tendency to rely too heavily on these methods.

Most people do not realize that some discoloration is intrinsic and normal. As teeth age, they take on a darker or greyer color. The products do little to change your circumstances, and they cannot remove stubborn stains caused by neglect or poor brushing habits.

Bleaches have side effects as well. They can irritate the sensitive gum tissues around your teeth. When overused, infections and blisters develop. If you are already suffering from a receding gum line, these products might complicate the problem.

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