Benefits of CGF/PRF in the Healing Process

Benefits of CGF/PRF in the Healing Process

May 29, 2018

Recovery from dental surgery can be rough. You may spend days after the surgery swollen and in pain. What if there was a way to heal faster? In the dental world, there is a new technology called Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF)/Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF). This new technology uses the patient’s own blood to promote healing naturally. See below for some interesting facts about CGF/PRF treatment and how an El Segundo dentist can help you.

The Process Uses Your Own Blood

Typically, on the day of the surgery, the patient’s blood will be drawn. This takes less than a minute but gives the dentist 90304 blood to use for the CGF/PRF process. The patient’s blood is then centrifuged, and the platelets are used to promote growth and healing post-surgery. The centrifuged blood is mixed with a gel and then applied to the surgery site. The platelets produce secretions called cytokines and growth factors that help expedite the healing process. This technology can be used during procedures such as implants, extractions, or bone grafts.

This Procedure is Completely Safe

Since the blood being used is your own, you don’t have to worry! There is a low risk of infection or allergy since it is your blood. You also don’t have to be concerned about rejection since the blood is part of your own body. The process is very natural and is a safe way to promote healing.

How Does CGF/PRF Help Me?

The CGF/PRF technology has many benefits to patients. Most important to many patients is that this procedure means less pain as they heal. Also, patients can heal more quickly. This technology can make you feel like your normal self a lot sooner! Lastly, the procedure causes the area of surgery to be less inflamed.

Some people avoid getting major dental work for years because they are afraid of the pain and recovery time. Many people remember getting their wisdom teeth out and looking like a chipmunk for weeks. This is enough for some to avoid future dental procedures at all costs. With CGF/PRF technology, this will all change. The process helps your recovery time to be quicker and less painful. It also improves inflammation at the surgery site. The procedure is safe and natural as it uses your own blood to heal your wounds. Contact your local El Segundo dentist, Dr. Smile Dental, to learn more about PRF treatment.

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